BE SEMBOL is an innovative jewelry brand that brings with it a whole world of meanings.

The brand enables those who are looking for a unique gift, to pour meaning and content into beauty and aesthetics, and to be a constant reminder that there is someone who appreciates you, even if it is you.


Each item was designed with thought and adjustment to be not only beautiful but also have sentimental value and meaning. BE SEMBOL's collections transform feelings into a tangible and unique item.


All handcrafted jewelry, made of 14 karat gold, comes in shades of yellow gold, white gold and blackened gold.

The stones that adorn the jewelry are natural Gemstones only, in order to preserve their beauty and unique quality. The stones come in colorful colors. Each piece of jewelry can be also designed in white or black diamonds according to personal preference.


"FORTUNE COLLECTION", the first collection was inspired by the Zodiac and offers a variety of rings, bracelets and necklaces embedded in gemstones with powerful influence on the wearer. The collection comes in a variety of shades, according to personal style preferences. All of the jewelry in the Fortune collection is designed to be a "SECOND SKIN" for daily effortless but glamorous use.

BE SEMBOL brings with it a young and optimistic spirit, with a clean aesthetic, which does not compromise on quality and beauty.


The founders, Mor and Sapir have been close friends since childhood. They have been partners in their life journey.  Both considered entering the fashion world but decided to focus on a product with more meaning and substance. When they researched about the jewelry world and power of Gemstones, they realized BE SEMBOL would be the best way to create a beautiful product that is both beautiful inside and out.


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