Gemstones have a powerful energy effect because of their form of crystallization structure and composition. Throughout history, gemstones been used for healing, protection, empowerment and energy balance.


Gemstones are the most precious stones in the Bible and have existed since early history and the use of them has been mentioned in many different religions and cultures, including Judaism.

The Midrash mentions a dozen stones of the priestly breastplate. Each one of the stones represents one of the 12 tribes and enabled energetic and telepathic communication between the high priest, who wore the vest of the breastplate and the head of the tribe.


Gemstones have many and varied effects on those who wear them. The effect of gemstones on babies and animals proves that there is no need for the wearer’s faith, but rather the acceptance of these stones at the same time, their positive influence will increase as awareness and openness become available to them.


We selected the most accurate gemstone for you, each gemstone has powerful features that will make you the best version of yourself.


The Stone of Power

The diamond, the strongest material in nature, will raise your confidence and show the world exactly who you are meant to be. It will strengthen your sense of inner beauty and improve your overall vibe. It will magnetize abundance and powerful people in to your life, free yourself from personal barriers and neutralize unnecessary and inhibiting voices.  It will fill you with motivation, turn your will into iron and make you resolutely crack all the challenges.



The Fulfillment Stone

The sapphire stone will encourage you to reach to the top and allow you to approach a little more each day for what you have asked for. It will give you the energy and motivation to start whatever you have always wanted and for some reason simply rejected. It will help you to concentrate and think clearly and focus on what matters in life.   When necessary, it will also know how to calm, achieve inner peace and a quiet mind while making your choices.



The Courage Stone

The ruby will push you into taking on new goals and challenges and will help you evolve into the person you've always dreamed of being. It will fill you with energy and vitality and give you the excitement to deal with whatever comes your way. It will light you up you with fire and desire and bring you to fertility and growth in all areas and can help your fertility.



The Love Stone

Emerald is an especially intimate stone that will help you develop and deepen existing relationships and create new ones. The stone will strengthen your ability to conquer and hypnotize those around, attract love and give back and bring relationships to a level of deep intimacy. It will increase empathy and sensitivity and help you maintain a stable relationship.



The Stone of Calmness and Harmony

The Amethyst Stone will lower your temper, relax and release you from stress and heavy thoughts. It will give you inner peace and a sense of wholeness with yourself and your surroundings. This stone will help you regain control, to finally change habits that are not good for you and bring you to a state of real control in your life.


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